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The Process of Digital Transformation

Hercules Pappas Digital Transformation


Digital transformation is primarily about rewiring companies to make them digital and bring them up to speed with this new technological age. Some companies are doing a great job of handling digital transformation while others are struggling. If you’d like to learn more about the process of digital transformation, then you should keep reading. You’ll be able to understand just how important digital transformation is for the future of many companies. 

Setting the Foundation

Setting the foundation for digital transformation is mostly about automating as many internal processes as you can. This includes things such as finance, manufacturing, and selling. Companies need to ensure that they have online portals set up where they can take orders and handle things for customers. Having digital resource management systems is another key part of getting the foundation right. 

Trying Out Digital Transformation in Specific Departments

Most companies try out digital transformation in specific departments before moving forward with things on a company-wide scale. A department with a particularly tech-savvy and progressive leader might push to use more disruptive new technologies to try to find innovation. This can lead to finding new markets or realizing new possibilities. As time goes on, these new ideas can be implemented elsewhere. 

Bringing Departments Together

Bringing departments together is the next step in the process of digital transformation. What started out as certain departments working on new tech or new ideas will lead to the entire company coming together. It takes time to fully synchronize a business in this way, but the process can go smoothly with good communication. Companies need to train their people and ensure everyone has the digital skills necessary to move forward. 

Make the Changes Sustainable

Now that the company has made the switch and gone forward with digital transformation, it’s going to be time to focus on making these changes sustainable. Reinventing your business model might not be easy, but you can make big moves over time to become a company that is better for the future. Be mindful of the challenges and ensure that your company remains in a good position. A digital company is much more agile and can make changes when necessary to meet market demands. 

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