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Welcome to Hercules Pappas’ WordPress Site!

Hercules Pappas: legal expert with decades of experience.

Hercules Pappas is an attorney and legal expert who has worked in the Philadelphia area for more than a decade. His practice, Hercules Law Group, was established in 2012. This group has served the Philadelphia area in the areas of civil, criminal, and business law, providing an indispensable service to a diverse portfolio of clients. This firm comes after his work as a prosecutor from 2009-2012, when he served the Waterford community by researching, arguing, and trying criminal cases. Prior to this, He worked at his first firm post-graduate school – Pappas & Richardson. Hercules has worked in the legal field for decades, and is proud of the career he has developed. Visit his website to learn more!

The Latest Blogs By Hercules Pappas

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